What goes in my proposal?

Here's a link to the online proposal form due September 14th:


A good "The School We Have In Mind" project will:

  • Deal with who we were, who we are, and/or who we aspire to be. ("We" = Park School)
  • Create or solve or make or question or build some...thing, whether that thins is an actual object, a capacity, an understanding, or a body of knowledge.
  • Have an outcome that will contribute to -- and that can be shared with -- the Park School community.
  • Engage its participants in work that feels purposeful, authentic, and significant.
Such a project should:

  • Lend itself well to the 2-1-2 format.
  • Be substantial enough to warrant a full-day and year-long focus.
  • Be manageable and well-planned.
  • Not merely repeat or duplicate what has been done or already exists. 

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