Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

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Attention! Everyone who wants to lead a 2-1-2 group MUST fill out this google document ASAP in order to get your student and faculty guides, as well as the final proposal form!

Here's link to the spreadsheet:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why the 2-1-2 Format

             Service learning day is planned months in advance and as soon as we’ve completed our tasks we’re sent off on vacation never to talk about it again.
            Immersion week is planned years in advance, and as soon as everyone is finished their week of cooking, learning how to be a bad-ass girl, or learning war games, the chatter in the hallway quickly returns to what was on television last night, or what just happened in a class they had. 
            However this year is different. It’s our centennial and we want to make it memorable for the entire year. This is why we chose the 2-1-2 format. Throughout the year we will have two days in the fall, one day in the winter, and two days in the spring to take what we’re interested in and apply it to the real world. This way the activities won’t be one-and-done, they’ll be built-up and crafted throughout the whole year.
            Another reason we chose the 2-1-2 format is because we know that any activity can get boring after four days, and we don’t want “The School We Have In Mind” to be monotonous, so having three shorter times throughout the year will be a nice way to mix up what we’re doing and still stay engaged.
            One final reason for this format is because we really want these activities to center around the ideas of the group members, not just the leader. For “The School We Have In Mind” the leaders will come up with the plan for the first two days, but the group will work together for the one day in the winter and the two in the spring.
            “The School We Have In Mind” is something new. We’ll truly get the opportunity to take whatever we’re interested in and do something with it, so get excited and start thinking of ideas.