A Place to Start: 2-1-2 Jump Off Ideas

·         A play set in Baltimore in 1912 that may (or may not) have to do with the founding of the school. We'd write and perform it by end of the year. One act. 
·         A study of “manual training” at Park.  What was it?  What was it for?  How was it a part of the progressive tradition?  What is it now?  Do a manual training project? 
·         Oral histories with…whoever we’re interested in. 
·         The “dramatic approach” at Park.  Legendary English and drama teacher Sarah Putnam in the 20s and 30s.  The filming ofSilas Marner.  Theater then, now, and in the future. 
·         Giant totem pole. 
·         A study of careers.  What interesting things are Park graduates doing?  How do they feel about their careers? 
·         The stream.  Start with stream walk; end with study of environmental regulation and maybe political action. 
·         An extension of Justin Long’s “neighborhood data”: a demographic study of neighborhoods. 
·         A study of “where ideas come from” (which would tie into second major gallery exhibition). 
·         Visit, observe, and discuss other progressive schools. 
·         Visit, observe, and discuss more traditional schools (maybe schools with which we already have relationships)
·         Extended project at Druid Hill Park. 
·         Study the founding of the school, especially in terms of our Jewish roots, and possibly including work at the Jewish Historical Museum
·         Study Park public-private partnerships, both then and now
·         How have students (at Park and elsewhere) used their power in the past? How can we use our power now?
·         How Park uses the woods and stream
·         Cross divisional interactions
·         Where does our tuition go? How do other schools allocate their resources?
·         Gender roles at Park
·         Comparing private and public schooling in Baltimore
·         The Park cafeteria- school cafeterias in Baltimore
·         How math is taught at Park?
·         School spirit
·         Interdisciplinary collaboration
·         Neighborhood dynamics in Baltimore- past and present
·         Who’s been at Park? Who’s here now? Why?
·         Acceptance of different political views at Park
·         Balance of arts, academics, and athletics
·         Teacher-student relationships
·         Measuring Park’s carbon footprint
·         20% time
·         What impact has technology had/ is having on education at Park and elsewhere?
·         Mental health of/ stress on students and teachers
·         How is the news used at Park?
·         What are our attitudes towards money?
·         What languages do we teach at Park and why?
·         What makes a student successful at Park?
·         Administrative decisions at Park
·         How are we graded at Park? How is it similar/different to grading at other schools?
·         Progressivism at Park
·         Athletics
·         Inclusion at Park
·         Workload
·         Projects versus tests
·         History of Brownie: how has it changed throughout the years
·         The College Process
·         Rewriting the school song
·         Working with younger kids
·         Learning differences
·         Challenge program/community outreach

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